Our Principle

“Treat others how you want to be treated”. Putting this golden rule into action requires courage and
imagination. It is not so easy to simply try putting yourself in someone’s shoes. What if all the
leaders could make decisions based on this rule? Probably, the current global landscape would have
been different from what it is now as few country would suffer from poverty and armed conflict.

At Hinoki Sakura Preschool, we will provide young kids with warm, nurturing and stimulus
environment and diverse learning opportunities with daycare amenities. By taking advantage of
existing beautiful nature and various facilities available in Sakura-city, we strive to meet needs of
each child by giving opportunities to learn and grow physically, cognitively, socially and
emotionally. We would like our children at Hinoki Sakura become promising young leaders with
rich imagination and compassion for peers by being:

A child with sound mind and body;
A child who can think from other’s perspectives; and
A child who can take initiatives

We understand that choosing a right preschool is an important decision to every parent. To serve the
expectations of each family, skilled and experienced teachers are ready to receive your children!